Introducing Visio Digital

Visio with Digital Technology

Digital technology has opened a whole new world of opportu-nities in lens production.

Digital surfacing of lenses, is truly revolutionary. The unparalleled precision of this technology enables us to create a virtually infinite number of optical combinations and develop a superior design.

The New Visio Digital offers

  • Better contrast for natural vision.
  • Wider field of vision.
  • Very quick and easy adaptation.
  • Improved visual lens performance.
  • Balanced design for Myopes,Hyperopes and Emmetropes.
  • Soft Multi Design.

Better Adaptation with Visio Digital

Bifocal lenses has two focal point. Thus the wearer has better far vision, but there is no intermediate vision


Visio have multiple focal points. the wearer get perfect near, intermediate and far vision. The vision is not restricted to specific zones but it is smooth.

Visio Digital

Smooth transition between the 3 viewing zones
you will find that they adapt more easily than with other lenses in the budget category.



Low contrast in Visio

High contrast in Visio Digital

Other Features :

No Dividing line

No Image Jump

Wider choice of frames