Nova Tiny

Grand dad with his grand daughter sharing bowl of popcorn sitting on the sofa

Nova Tiny

Grand dad with his grand daughter sharing bowl of popcorn sitting on the sofa

Nova Tiny is our smallest....
...distance, intermediate, and near vision zones lenses to fit small frame options"

Progressive lenses in a small, fashionable frame!

Nova Tiny is our smallest progressive lens, and features a fitting height of just 13mm. Presbyopes now have the choice of fashionable, slimline frames. In the past this was only possible with several limitations. Nova Tiny solves the problem and makes limitations in frame selection a thing of past! Nova Tiny is specially developed for small frames and manufactured to suit each and every wearer. The lens design features a soft, smooth geometry for improved visual comfort and easy adaptation. The astigmatism is carefully controlled for excellent binocular vision, and the wearer will experience low skew distortion ensuring comfortable, dynamic vision. Nova Tiny provides smooth, clear vision when moving between the near and far vision zones, even with the short corridor required to fit the lens into smaller frames, as well as a reduced swim and sway effect. 

Nova Tiny lowering diagram

Nova are progressive lens innovators!

With changing trends and lifestyle needs, the demands of presbyopes have changed too. Presbyopes are more active than ever, and they lead busy lifestyles juggling work, friends, hobbies, and family. As a result they need comfortable vision without compromising on aesthetics. Nova Tiny comes as the right solution for the presbyopes, which gives choice for smaller frames with better distance , intermediate and near zone.

Skew distortion illustration

Nova Tiny lenses are made using technologically advanced patented 100% back surface design.

The patients entire prescription is three dimensionally surfaced on to the back surface of the lens. This completely eliminates front curve distortion providing total control of marginal astigmatism and power error. The magnification difference between the visual areas on the lens is greatly reduced and visual fields are significantly expanded with consistently wider near vision. Nova Tiny is manufactured using digi-contour technology. Digi-Contour Technology has resulted in numerous advancements in lens technology and is one of the most dynamic technological innovations in the eyewear industry.

Thanks to Digi-contour technology, wearers will receive corrective lenses designed specifically to accommodate their exact visual requirement.

Conventional pal lens illustration

Mechanism of conventional progressive

In a conventional progressive some precription is in the front and some prescription is at the back surface of the lens, which results in increased magnification and distortion.

Mechanism of Nova Tiny

In Nova Tiny lenses, the whole prescription is 3 dimensionally fused on the back surface of the lens, which results in natural vision at all visual zones.

Nova Tiny illustration

The key benefits of Nova Tiny are:

● Wide and stable near vision zone.
● Optimised binocular vision.
● A progressive lens designed specifically for small frames.
● Shortened progression zone provides good wearer tolerance and easy adaptation.
● Less lowering of the eyes is required to find the reading area.
● Reading power is reached 40% earlier than in traditional progressive lenses.
● Large field of view in near vision.
● Nova Tiny offers a comfortable progressive lens design for wearers who prefer the aesthetics of a slimmer frame. 

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