Nova HD

Woman having problem seeing  her mobile phone screen through the glasses.

Nova HD

Woman having problem seeing  her mobile phone screen through the glasses.

Personalised Progressive Lenses,
designed specifically for dynamic lifestyles!

Nova HD is not just a progressive lens with personalised in prescription, but Nova HD takes into account different visual aspects of your life. For example, how often do you read from a smart phone, how often do you work at computers, are you an art enthusiast, do you paint or do you drive at night?

Subjective information like these are incorporated into your lens designs, as well as your precise fitting preferences to create one of the most personalised progressive lenses available. Nova HD takes into account more than 20 personalised options to offer you the best combinations to meet your visual needs to suit your dynamic lifestyle.

Great resolution due to digital Ray-Path

Digital profile technology reduces the need for awkward head movements, and ensures a comfortable posture for near digital device activity. Wearers can expect greater comfort while using digital devices in the near and intermediate vision zones compared with more conventional progressive lens designs.

Clear image of London city scape seen through digital ray path lens.

Standard Lens

Blurred out image of London city. scape seen through standard lens.

Digital Ray-Path Lens

Thin and aesthetically
pleasing lens technology

Edge thickness of minus lenses and centre thickness of plus lenses can be significantly reduced with the lenticular option.

Middle aged man looking at his smartphone.
Woman using her mobile phone.

Enhanced vision
for using digital devices

Nova HD provides optimal viewing comfort for every visual range and activity, with special attention on comfortable sharp focus in the 40cm – 70cm range needed for viewing todays handled devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops. The unique Ray-Path technology allows natural head movement to view images and fine text of the devices. It offers quick appearance and up to 20% more addition power than standard progressive lenses in the 40-70cm vision range.

Nova HD offers, up to 20% wider reading area with full addition and 20% wider intermediate area, thereby offering extra viewing comfort for digital devices and easy transitions between the lens zones.

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