Nova UHD

Man wearing Nova UHD

Nova UHD

Man wearing Nova UHD


A premium progressive lens - NOVA UHD has been developed with the latest state-of-the-art technologies providing effortless natural vision and excellent aesthetics.

Digi-Contour Technology has resulted in numerous lens advancements and is one of the most dynamic technological innovations in the eyewear industry.Thanks to this technology, wearers will receive corrective lenses designed specifically to accommodate his/her exact visual requirement.

Digit tech illustration

In order to achieve maximum clarity in the peripheral zones of the lens, the spherical and cylindrical power meridians are aspherised. With Multi Aspheric Technology, it is possible to reduce the distortions associated with both the Spherical and Cylindrical Power elements by using non-rotational symmetrical surface, in which the asphericity varies from meridian to meridian. It provides unrestricted fields of clear vision.

Nova Pal

Conventional Pal

Higher levels of aberrations
with smaller vision zones.

Conventional Pal

Nova UHD

Reduced aberrations with
wider vision zones.

Freeform lens correction

The Aberration Filter System found within Nova UHD provides high precision optimisation of power characteristics and selective design across the surface of the lens. Thanks to this, aberrations and distortions are greatly reduced.

spheric lens representation

Spheric Lens

aspheric lens representation

Aspheric Lens

Multi aspheric lens representation

Multi Aspheric Lens

Nova UHD

Nova UHD provides natural and clear vision in the peripheral zones with reduced distortions. Wearers can expect more natural vision across an increased surface area of the lens, reducing the need for unnatural head movements. The lens provides comfortable vision that is very easy to adapt to.

Conventional pal
Woman working on computer

Digital profile technology reduces the need for awkward head movements, and ensures a comfortable posture for near digital device activity. Wearers can expect greater comfort while using digital devices in the near and intermediate vision zones compared with more conventional progressive lens designs.

Nova UHD is designed with variable Minimum Fitting Height which makes it possible to personalise the corridor of the design according to the specific height of the frame.

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woman wearing glasses working on a computer

Optireal corrects the optical aberrations and compensates the difference in power between the clinical and resulting prescription when the user is wearing their spectacles to provide the best possible visual clarity.

Taking the user position of wearing parameters into account when calculating the lens power, we obtain a personalised correction of the aberrations for a lens that is fully adapted to each specific wearer.

Taking the user position of wearing parameters into account when calculation the lens power, we obtain a personalised correction of the aberrations for a lens that is fully adapted to the specific wearer.

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Standard free form lens

Standard FreeForm

CRIB is the pre-calibrated lens (round or oval), better adjusted to the real frame shape.

Slimtech Technology

By using the frame data in the optimisation algorithm, the Slimtech technology found within Nova UHD is able to overcome the limitation of FreeForm manufacturing by modifying the surface outside the useful zone, and achieve the maximum thickness reduction possible.

Slimtech technology lens
Slim tech illustration

Slimtech is an exclusive and patented technology for thickness optimisation.

Nova UHD with Slimtech technology has dynamically contoured vision zones, thanks to the patented algorithm of the design. This improves the lens aesthetics while maintaining the best visual performance.

This process makes it possible to reduce the visible edge thickness of spectacle lenses to the thinnest possible. Reduced lens thickness makes them look even better in any type of frame, including rimless models.

Nova UHD creates the perfect balance between visual performance and aesthetics.

Slim tech illustration
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