Polarised lenses

Couple walking on the beach wearing Polarised sun glasses


Couple walking on the beach wearing Polarised sun glasses

Polarised lenses enhance the most important functions of prescription eyewear: improved visual acuity, and the ability to block blinding glare caused by reflective sunlight from sources such as roads, water, ice and snow. Natural unfiltered light is described as unpolarised, as the light rays travel in random directions. These light rays hit our lenses at all angles of incidence and can cause glare. This glare distorts objects and affects our colour perception. 

Polarised lenses contain a unique filter that blocks horizontally reflected light rays. This property significantly reduces glare by only allowing the vertical light rays to pass through the lens. No other lenses or treatments can achieve the same glare reduction performance as polarised lenses. This gives exceptional visual comfort and provides the most comfortable vision in environments with high intensity sunlight and glare. Common sources of horizontal reflected light rays are water, snow, glass, and car bonnets.

Polarised UV lenses blocking UVA and UVB light
Man with surfboard on the beach wearing polarised sun glasses

Polarised lenses are best suited to wearers who spend a lot of their time outdoors, particularly around water or in intense sunlight. Fishing, sailing, driving, snow sports, and flying are all activities in which wearers will really see the benefit of polarised lenses as these are all high intensity glare environments, and subject the wearer to large amounts of UV exposure. Polarised lenses can be combined with our high quality coatings to provide high levels of UV protection on top of their ability to reduce glare. Regular sunglasses are only designed to reduce environmental brightness, whereas polarised lenses reduce both brightness and blinding glare. By blocking horizontal light rays, polarised lenses also help to restore the wearer’s contrast and depth perception – something that is particularly important for many outdoor sports and pursuits.

They are not just limited for outdoor use. Some of the worst blinding glare can come from driving on wet roads while the sun is shining. This is also some of the most dangerous glare for wearers and other road users. Polarised lenses eliminate nearly all glare associated with this environment resulting in much safer conditions behind the wheel. Anyone who is exposed to glare outdoors will benefit from polarised sun lenses. The UV protection of these lenses can be further enhanced with the addition of a high quality coating.

Picture of a wet road
Polarised tinted glasses

Polarised lenses provide enhanced colour perception and are available in a range of colours, with different colour tints offering different enhancements to the wearers vision. They are available in nearly all lens types and materials including single vision and progressive lenses, and are available with high quality coatings to further enhance the lens and protect against scratches. They can be made to fit almost all fashion sunglass frames, and high wrap options are available for wearers who require polarised lenses in sports frames, such as cyclists and anglers.

Because of the horizontal light ray blocking property of polarised lenses, wearers may experience difficulties when viewing LCD screens such as car dashboards and ATM machines. This is because many of these items include a vertical polarisation which counteracts the horizontal filter of polarised lenses. It is normal and should not be a cause for concern.

Image showing polarised lenses blocking image from computer screen
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Example colours

An image of polarised lens colour example. Grey colour lens.


A Grey polarised lens works well in a variety of conditions. It offers absolute true colour reception without distortion, and can be worn all day with minimum eye fatigue. It's ideal for maximum glare reduction in intense sunlight.

An image of polarised lens colour example. Copper colour lens.


A Copper polarised lens blocks undesirable blue light while improving contrast in other colours. It is excellent for shooting targets against a green background on a bright day and ideal for activities such as sight fishing and hiking.

An image of polarised lens colour example. Moss yellow colour lens.

Moss Yellow

Moss Yellow polarised is an excellent lens for dusk and dawn, overcast conditions, or in shadowy areas. It is not recommended for bright conditions. Works well for hunting, target shooting, fishing and cycling.