Introducing Treatments Tints

Wide variety of Materials

We understand how different our various customers requirements are. We specialize in all kind of lenses, from single vision to bifocals to progressive lenses. We have a full range of plastic and mineral lenses.

The issue of deciding the right materials started with the launch of new materials. The thinnest material is not necessarily the best for drilling or has the greatest break resistance.


The new generation of self tinting lenses such as NUPOLAR polarised, Transitions Photochromic and Drivewear adapt in a matter of seconds at any given light intensity. Visual comfort is ensured at all times whether it is indoors or outdoors.


WLC offers a full range of tints. You can choose from filters, solid or graduated single colour tints or even bi-colour tints. We offer polarised lenses which align light rays from the sun, giving you a crystal clear view at all times. We are also able to provide a variety of mirror coatings, offering up to 100% UV protection. The colour and density is matched with the tint to enhance the wearer's visual comfort and performance. At WLC we would be more than happy to help you find your perfect tint.


LIGHT REDUCTION - Mirror coating on sunglasses decreases the amount of light passing through the tinted lenses and into your eyes. Your eyes will feel more comfortable and have less strain than if you were wearing tinted lenses without the flash coating.

GLARE REDUCTION - Another benefit of mirror sunglasses is that they reduce glare while retaining contrast, unlike polarised (regular) lenses. This is advantageous for activities in bright sunlight such as driving, and for snow, ice and water sports.

UV LIGHT PROTECTION - Mirror lenses are available with up to 100 percent ultraviolet (UV) light protection. This is beneficial in terms of preventing eye disease.

Mirror sunglasses have a reflective optical coating, also called a flash coating, on the outside surface of the tinted lenses. Classic aviator sunglasses are perhaps the most easily recognized style of mirrored sunglasses, but many other styles are available as well. Mirror sunglasses provide certain benefits for both your health and appearance that regular sunglasses don't.