Terms & Conditons

  1. Terms of Payment

    The seller should receive payment no later than the 25th day of the following month from the invoice statement. The seller reserves the right to charge for repeated duplications of delivery notes, invoices and statements. Seller reserves the right to charge a levy at the rate of 2% interest per month on outstanding debts until full payment is received, from the time the goods were originally supplied.

  2. Pricing

    All goods are supplied with a delivery note detailing quantity and lens type supplied as well as the net prices charged for each individual item. Every effort will be made to ensure that the correct prices have been applied in every case. In the unlikely event that incorrect prices have been charged, claims may only be made within 30 days from receipt of the goods. Delivery notes are charged without VAT but do include P&P where applicable. The company reserves the right to alter prices without prior notification.

  3. Deliveries

    The seller will make every effort to ensure that all orders will be dispatched on the same day the order is received during the normal working hours Monday to Friday. Should the buyer not receive their order due to out of stock, or otherwise due to late delivery, the seller cannot be held liable for compensation by way of payment or by a delivery service beyond the normal means. In the event that the goods are not received by the buyer, the seller must be notified within 7 days. After suitable enquiries have been made and the goods not located a replacement order will be supplied. Deliveries are made by our courier of choice. If a customer wishes to use an alternative service they agree to incur the full cost themselves.

  4. Property

    Ownership of any goods supplied by the company, as detailed on our delivery notes, will not pass onto the buyer until such a time as full payment has been received by the seller. The buyer shall hold the goods as Bailee for the seller.

  5. Guarantees

    All products carry a two year warranty against faulty manufacture. In the unlikely event that you may need to return lenses for credit or replacement, the seller will require a copy of the original delivery note or note number to accompany any claim for replacement. Only the same prescription can be resupplied. In the case of lens coatings, credits or replacements will only be given in such cases where due care has been exercised by the patient. The seller cannot accept responsibility if the patient has not taken all necessary care to look after their lenses.

  6. Goods Returned for Credit

    Any goods returned for credit must be accompanied by the original delivery note. The goods must be returned in the original lens packets provided and must be returned in the same condition as originally supplied. Any lenses returned with writing on the packet or in an un-saleable condition cannot be credited. The company reserves the right to levy a charge of up to 20% of the goods value, in cases where goods are continually returned without good reason. Goods can only be returned for credit within 28 days of purchase.

  7. Definitions

    In the context of this document, the "Seller" shall mean Wholesale Lens Corporation Ltd. and the "Buyer" shall mean the person or company to whom the goods were supplied, and in the case of more than one person this agreement shall be joint and several. The "goods" shall mean all products supplied by the company to the buyer.

  8. Returns Policy for RX Lenses
    • All surfaced lenses must be returned within a maximum of 60 days from the original date of purchase.
    • All surfaced lenses must be returned with a fully completed returns form. In the case of progressive lens, where there is a non tolerance issue, all parts of the returns form must be completed. Full details of the original order number & the order date must be provided in all cases.
    • A progressive lens non tolerance claim will only be considered if the correct lenses have been dispensed, to accommodate the full dimensions of the frame.
      If the incorrect fitting height is dispensed leading to the reading portion being cut into in any way, the lenses will not be considered for credit under our non tolerance guarantee. The same applies to the distance portion of the lens. A minimum of 8mm from the fitting cross to the inside of the top rim must be available.
    • In a case where the company received more than 3 non tolerance cases in a cal;endar month, the company reserves the right to dissallow any return orders above thst number. Our state of the art progressive ranges including Free Form require careful & professional dispensing. If the fitting instructions are followed correctly non tolerance cases will be very rare.
    • The company reserves the right to withhold credits on any surfaced lenses returned if the lenses are not in reasonable condition. If the lens is chipped or badly scratched we reserve the right to dissallow the credit. Lenses must be returned in suitable protective packing. Any lenses returned loose without packaging will not be credited.
    • To qualify for our non tolerance guarantee on progressive lenses, it is necessary to ensure that the accounts are kept fully upto date. Our standard terms of 25 days from month end invoice must be strictly adhered to.
    • It remains the responsibilty of the ordering party to ensure that orders are placed correctly. In the cases of orders received by EDI the customers must ensure that the correct data is entered. The nature of EDI is that the orders remain in an electronic state when received by WLC, and are relayed in an electronic format to the manufacturers. It is therefore important to double check the orders proior to sending them.

  9. Miscellaneous Items

    The contract between the buyer and the seller for the supply of goods shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England. The buyer agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of law in England and the buyer agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of law in England in respect thereof.