Introducing 1.59 Transistions Polycarbonate

Our range of Transitions Signature VII products from stock has diversified. We have added Polycarbonate to our range of different indexes available with same working day dispatch in Grey, Brown and Green with Pristine USH.

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Introducing 1.50 Transitions XTRActive

We will now carry a stock of Transitions XTRActive which is recommended for patients who want a superior visual experience outdoors, indoors and even behind a car windscreen. We will carry Grey and Brown with HC or Pristine USH.

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Introducing 1.67 Pristine Double Aspheric

Both front and back surfaces are concave and aspheric, thus producing flatter curves and reducing edge thickness. Your patients will experience less distortion than they would from a spherical or even an aspheric lens

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Introducing Polarized

We will now carry a range of polarized lenses in Grey, Brown and Green. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks intense reflected light, thus reducing glare and creating a more comfortable overall wearer experience. Polarization is particularly useful for activities such as skiing and fishing.

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Other New Products

In addition to these fantastic new products, WLC has extended two of our high index Pristine ranges to include plus prescriptions. We have also added Green to our stock Pre-Tints, which are now of a new and improved quality:

1.74 Pristine

1.67 Pristine

1.50 Pre-Tinted

Introducing Sun-X Speed, Our New Photochromic Lens

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new photochromic lens, Sun-X Speed!

Sun-X Speed is a fast performing photochromic lens available in grey and brown. This product is carried in stock to ensure speedy delivery times and is available in a massive range up to a -8.00 sphere +4.00 cyl and +6.00 sphere -4.00 cyl. It takes only 3 minutes to lighten up to 70% transmission indoors and boasts 100% UV transmission protection under the sun, coupled with a resistance to the yellowing effects of ageing found in some photochromics.

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TRANSITIONS© Signature Graphite Green

WLC will soon be carrying TRANSITIONS© Signature Graphite Green in 1.50 index from stock.

Graphite Green is available to order now as a specially surfaced job in SV RX, Nova HD, Nova 3Di, Nova Plus SV & PAL, Nova Tiny, Nova Sport SV & PAL, Nova Easy and Nova Office in 1.50, 1.60, 1.67 and Polycarbonate.

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New 2014-15 Catalogue

WLC is pleased to announce our brand new lens catalogue.

If you have not received your copy, you can request a copy online by clicking on the link below or by calling us on +44(0)20-8683-2902.

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WLC Introduces BlueV-Light coating

Introducing the revolutionary technology to cut out harmful Blue Light with our superior BlueV-Light coating.

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WLC Introduces 1.61 Tinted HMC (Back Surface only)Grey & Brown.


  • Tinted to 85 % ABS
  • Upto 25 % thinner than standard plastic.
  • Hydrophobic coat for easier cleaning.
  • Ideal for rimless frames.

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