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Introducing our new Polarized Lens

Providing the wearer with the ultimate in Comfort and Protection whatever the season or activity.

Light reflected from flat surfaces is horizontally polarized. In other words, instead of light being dispersed in all directions, reflected light travels horizontally. This produces what is known as glare. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, thus reducing glare and creating a more comfortable overall wearer experience. Polarization is particularly useful for activites such as skiing and fishing.

Polarized lenses eliminate dangerous blinding glare and provide 100% UV protection, benfiting wearers with enhanced vision, greater colour perception and visual comfort.

How glare is caused

Glare occurs when sunlight is reflected off a flat, horizontal surface, i.e. polarization.

Why glare is still visible with regualr tinted lenses

Polarized light rays are not absorbed by regular tinted lenses and thus glare is not totally eliminated.

How is glare eliminated by Polarized Lenses?

Thanks to its unique absorption properties, Polarized Lenses are able to absord the polarized light rays, providing wearers with greater visual comfort.

Product Summary

  • Elimination of dazzling glare
  • Greater visual comfort
  • Enhanced vision
  • True colour perception
  • 100% UV Protection