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Introducing Sun-X Speed, Our New Photochromic Lens

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new photochromic lens, Sun-X Speed!

Sun-X Speed is a fast performing photochromic lens available in grey and brown. This product is carried in stock to ensure speedy delivery times and is available in a massive range up to a -8.00 sphere +4.00 cyl and +6.00 sphere -4.00 cyl. It takes only 3 minutes to lighten up to 70% transmission indoors and boasts 100% UV transmission protection under the sun, coupled with a resistance to the yellowing effects of ageing found in some photochromics.

People are exposed to artificial light which has a spectrum of harmful rays. Although Blue-Turquoise light helps with your overall well-being, such as basic mental functioning, sleep and wake-up cycles, some blue light is harmful to our eyes. This results in eye strain, eye fatigue, AMD and retinal damage.

How SUN-X SPEED works

Embedded in all Sun-X Speed lenses are millions of photosensitive molecules that react chemically to sunlight. When exposed to UV rays, these molecules change their basic molecular structure and absorb the light, which causes the lens to darken. When indoors these molecules then snap back to their original structure and the lens reverts to a clear state. Because Sun-X Speed lenses are designed to react more quickly to varying light conditions than regular photochromic lenses, they give wearers clear and comfortable vision indoors and outdoors at all times in one single pair of lenses.

Excellent UV Protection

100% UV transmission protection under the sun. Effectively reduces the risk of eye disease by limiting your eyes' exposure to UV rays and glare

Faster Fading Speed

Takes only 3 minutes to lighten to 70% transmission indoors.

Lens Info

  • Index: 1.56
  • Abbe Value: 35√e
  • Specific Gravity: 1.28 g/cm³
  • UV400NM