WLC Introduces BlueV-Light Coating

Introducing the revolutionary technology to cut out harmful Blue Light with our superior BlueV-Light coating.

People are exposed to artificial light which has a spectrum of harmful rays. Although Blue-Turquoise light helps with your overall well-being, such as basic mental functioning, sleep and wake-up cycles, some blue light is harmful to our eyes. This results in eye strain, eye fatigue, AMD and retinal damage.

What is Blue Light?

How does Blue Light affect the eye?

The Solution is BlueV-Light exclusively from WLC

The features of BlueV-Light lenses are:

  • Screens out the harmful Blue-violet light
  • Permits only the beneficial light to pass through
  • Maintains clear vision through the lens
  • Does not alter colour perception
  • Reduces stress on eyes caused by constant refocusing
  • Comes with the additional properties of anti-static, scratch resistance, anti-reflection and super hydrophobic coating