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Introducing Double Asperic

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new Double Aspheric Lens!

The Double Aspheric lens design uses a ground breaking design technique that allows the creation of a thin, lightweight lens that provides unbelievable optical performance.

The improvements in both the thickness and lightness by incorporation of the Double Aspheric design combined with high index 1.67 also achieves an amazing user experience that will improve aesthetics along with your customers vision.

Other benefits include

With Aspheric lenses only the front side curve is aspheric and the back side curve is spherical. This is for correction of astigmatism which results in residual aberration in the field of vision.
The Double Aspheric design lens features aspheric design in both the back and front side curves thus improving in the aberration in the astigmatic direction to achieve a natural field of vision.

Lens Info

  • Free from the distorted images of spherical lenses.
  • Comfortable and clear vision
  • Less aberration
  • Wider vision