Introducing Nova Office

Nova Office freeform - lenses at work

The occupational lens for small environments, Nova Office answers the needs of a wide range of professionals: doctors, chefs, musicians, artists, accountants, car mechanics and other workers requiring concentrated vision for up to 4 meters. All Nova lenses are based on freeform technology. This back surface design ensures enhanced vision for contained surroundings and helps relieve orthopaedic problems resulting from visual discomfort.

Benefits of Nova Office

The only occupational lens with 4 Dynamic Powers, including 2.25[D].

Perfect for patients requiring additions as high as 3.50[D].

Available in CR39.

Ensures a smooth transition from mid to near distance vision.

Exceedingly low astigmatism level.

Lens performance precisely matching user requirements.

Clear, sharp vision for the computer, as well as the other side of the room.

Specifically designed for small work environments, Nova Office is a sophisticated reading lens designed for all additions, including high adds. It guarantees crystal clear vision for the printed page, computer screen area and beyond.

Nova Office - Comparison

The only lens available with 4 dynamic powers.

Dispensing Details

Nova Office freeform is easy to fit, similar to any progressive lens.

Check Prescription: Check the far-vision prescription and record it exactly as you would for a progressive or bifocal lens. For the Pupilary Distance measurement use the mono distance PD measurement.

Height Measurement: Ensure that the selected frame has a minimum B-measurement of 29mm. In the B-measurement, mark the fitting cross at the centre of the pupil. Ensure that the selected frame has at least 13mm from the fitting cross to the top of the frame and 16mm from the bottom of the frame.

Lens Verification:Verify the reading prescription. If the total near-reading power is correct, the lens will perform optimally in all zones up to the maximum distance for that particular prescription.