Nova HD

Nova HD is not just a progressive lens with personalisation in its prescription. Nova HD takes into account different visual aspects of your life, including more than 20 personalised options to offer you the best combinations to meet your visual needs in order to suit your dynamic and active lifestyle.

Great resolution due to Digital Ray-Path Technology

Digital Ray-Path is an innovative calculation technique that uses a design engine to optimize the lens with a simulation of the binocular eye lens system. Every unique lens is individually calculated guaranteeing an adapted solution for any prescription and base curve.

NOVA HD-enhanced vision for using digital devices

Nova HD provides optimal viewing comfort for every visual range and activity, with special attention paid to comfortable sharp focus in the 40cm-70cm range which is needed for viewing today's handheld devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops. The unique Ray Path Technology allows natural head movement to view images and fine text on the devices. It offers up to 20% more addition power than standard progressive lenses in the 40cm-70cm vision range.

Nova HD offers up to a 20% wider reading area with full addition and a 20% wider intermediate area, thereby offering extra viewing comfort for digital devices and easy transitions between lens zones.