Introducing Nova Easy

Why Nova Easy?

Human eyes are at the peak of their accommodative capabilities around the age of nine, after which there is a gradual decline with the passing years. By the time one reaches between the ages of 20 and 38, even if visual correction for close viewing is not required, the eyes need a solution to the eyestrain associated with long hours of intermediate and close vision tasks.

A solution for visual fatigue

Nova Easy is a new generation of advanced prescription lenses that give relief to hard working eyes, in addition to correcting their vision.

Who do we recommend Nova Easy lenses to?

In today's world one's eyes are constantly focusing on computer screens, tablets and mobile phones. Focusing on close objects puts a strain on the eyes and especially when combined with long work hours this prolonged accommodative effort often leads to tiredness, headaches and blurry vision.

Features and Benefits

An unprecedented innovation

Nova Easy's design supports the wearer's accommodative efforts and thus relieves visual fatigue, thanks to a slight built-in variation in power (+0.50 D) to support the wearer's accommodation for close range tasks. The lens provides much greater comfort than a standard single vision corrective lens as the wearers' natural accommodation pattern is retained.

Nova Easy lenses completely replace standard prescription lenses whatever the patient's ametropia and without changing their natural behaviour. This is effective in either permanent or occasional wearers.

Market Research

We compared Nova Easy advanced prescription lenses to a standard single vision lens of the same index, correction and anti-reflective coating in a double-blind study.

This research proved the clear superiority of Nova Easy lenses:

Nova Easy lenses were used in exactly the same way as their current spectacles (constant or occasional use). Adaptation was as fast and easy as with a standard single-vision lens.

94% of wearers were totally satisfied with regard to near, distance and dynamic vision alike.

When to use:

  • Patients between the age of 20 and 38 (pre-presbyopic age).
  • Patients that spend more than 3 hours a day working at close range e.g. reading, computer work etc.
  • Patients that experience visual fatigue whether they wear prescription spectacles or not.

The life improvement lens:

  • A unique optical solution
  • Extra reading power (+0.50 [D]) in lower lens area
  • No more fatigue from tired eyes
  • Significantly improves vision comfort