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Latest News

WLC is proud to introduce the following new product ranges:

1.59 Transitions Polycarbonate

Our range of Transitions Signature VII products from stock has diversified. We have added Polycarbonate to our range of different indexes available with same working day dispatch in Grey, Brown and Green with Pristine USH.

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1.50 Transitions XTRActive

We will now carry a stock of Transitions XTRActive which is recommended for patients who want a superior visual experience outdoors, indoors and even behind a car windscreen. We will carry Grey and Brown with HC or Pristine USH.

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1.67 Pristine Double Aspheric

Both front and back surfaces are concave and aspheric, thus producing flatter curves and reducing edge thickness. Your patients will experience less distortion than they would from a spherical or even an aspheric lens.

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1.50 Polarized

We will now carry a range of polarized lenses in Grey, Brown and Green. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks intense reflected light, thus reducing glare and creating a more comfortable overall wearer experience. Polarization is particularly useful for activities such as skiing and fishing.

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In addition to these fantastic new products, WLC has extended two of our high index Pristine ranges to include plus prescriptions. We have also added Green to our stock Pre-Tints, which are now of a new and improved quality:

1.74 Pristine

1.67 Pristine

1.50 Pre-Tinted

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